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Oh! Syirah
First Post of 2018: Waiting...
Assalamualaikum everyone! Hi! How are you? I wish you to have a very wonderful day! 
Okay. Waahhh,, it has been a very long time since last I updated my blog. I'm not sure who read all my post but I typed whenever I feel like I'm going to do it. yeah. Sokay. I'll read my posts later when I've grown up. ahahaaha. 
So, this year is a year which I have to wait for 3 months until my SPM result is ready to be revealed. I kid you not, but I am so scared. Pray for my SPM result ! I really want to get straight A's so bad. Let's all pray together. and those who are SPM candidates 2017, best of luck! All we can do at this moment are prays and tawakkal. 
 What has happened to my 2017? Was it a good year to me? All I can say, 2017 is a year where I learnt a lots of things. True friends, betrayer, obstacles of being successful (#what) and more. In my opinion, 2017 is a very dramatic year . ahahahahah . WOAH A PLENTY OF DRAMAS HAPPENED IN SCHOOL . Well, last year students' lives. ahahahaha
 Okay, Change topic. AHAAHAH ! So, after almost 2 months SAEKKI (my best buddies) didn't hang out together, we finally made it ! We went out together at the IOI City Mall. As usual. There's no other mall. mehmehmeh. Unfortunately, Mar couldn't join us since she lives far away. *Insya-Allah, one day we will meet you* What we did there was ice skating. yeah. IT WAS REALLY FUN. There were fewer people in the ice rink, so we enjoy ourselves in many ways. We played, Musang and anak ayam, Ice water and more! It's like we were having our own P.E lesson there! The more the merrier they said. I missed them so much because usually, during the school days, we used to eat together during our recess time and talked a lot of stuff ! *gossip* HAAAA ! 
okay, gtg. See ya later. ahahahahahaahahahaahahahahaahahahahahaah
when syirah, when ?!


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hi. jom la join n meriahkan segmen GA kt sini

18 March 2018 at 02:14  

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