by adamfaiz

Oh! Syirah
Baking class !
Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone ~~
A couple days ago, I went to a baking class . it was Frozen themed . *let it go let it go* It was held at Warta, Bangi and the organizer was Kip Mall, Bangi.
I joined it bcause I have nothing to do this holiday . ayayaya. 
 I was a bit shy bcause I think I was the only 15 y/o girl yg wujud kat situ. But i don't care. I already for It . It supposed to start around 12 pm but since all the participants were kids and they know nothing about being on time, we started it late. 
Btw this baking class is not like in classroom that you've been watching in Korean variety show . THEY DID THIS CLASS AS SIMPLE AS THEY COULD.
*sorry for caps. Im not mad but lazy to change it after i accidently tap the caps lock button* 

So after all the participants arrived, we start the class with greet the main chef and her daughter.
The chef's daughter has same age as mine. She's pro . I know nothing about baking. Hahahahaha. Then they taught us how to make brownies chocolate cake . (is that how you spell it ?) 
Haa while they taught us, i recorded everything but my hand was shaking and the kid in front of me couldnt stay still so the result of the video is not good . 😭😭
Pic credit to owner. Source from google.

After that, we had to stand around the tables. I admit i don't like kids bcause they will look at me as I've done anything wrong but i survived. I just acted like they were my friends. 😅 and in front of me there was a boy who starred me like wanna kill me. yaa . I'm scared. 
Then, we started making our Olaf. 

This is just model just in case we cant imagine the Olaf's face. 

Olaf in the making
But it  looks like Pengu . 
Or maybe not.

I put the head on the cupcake

Left - mine
Right - my sister's

I would like to name this cupcake : Olaf in danger

 We got 3 cupcakes for each. So the second cupcake i decorated it with sticker. Then i didn't know what should i put. 

This is the last cupcake. I got the snowflake - shaped cookie but i accidently broke it. So i had  to make it stand like that. 

Tadaaa. this is mine

This is my sister's

These cupcakes are for competition. Wow . So pretty . Unfortunately they got the second place. Huhuhu

That is all for today. Sorry for wrong spelling bcause i use my hand phone. Hehe. Bye see you again. Assalamualaikum.