by adamfaiz

Oh! Syirah
Movie :- Boruto : Naruto The Movie

Hi everyone ! How are you? What's your plan this holiday ? (diwali Holiday)

Today, I went to IOI Mall with my siblings and mom. My mom had meeting with her students at IOI at the same time I wanted to watch a movie since I had nothing to do. She agreed to bring me there. HAHA. *meeting smpi kat IOI. wahwahwah*

I was so excited ! I really really really love to watch Naruto series and movies ! 

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I admit that I cried watching this movie ! HAHAHAHAAHAHA. I kid you not. When this movie came to end, there was ending music and the cinema staff opened the exit gate. I thought the movie already end and I had problem ! I had to use the toilet ! URGENT ! I asked my sibling to get out from the cinema but they said the movie was not finish yet. I was like... '' What should I do. Should I stay or go to the rest room?'' 

I didn't want to miss the last part but I couldn't hold it any more so I said to the siblings to meet me at the toilet. 

After 3 minutes like that, I met my siblings and they said I missed the last part! Woii ! I MISSED THE LAST PART ! and they wouldn't give any clues what happened at the last scene !! URGH.. 
I need to google that movie ! TT_TT


That's all ! Hehehehee. What about yours ?