by adamfaiz

Oh! Syirah
Mission success!
Hello everyone
Yeah   last Friday.  ( yesterday  -  19th June 2015)
My teammates and I did a drama presentation 
Actually we didn't plan to present it on that day.. We asked our teacher one day before Friday (wowow it's on Thursday haha!) if anyone can do their presentation on Friday she said yes. 
Then on Friday during English class.... She said to us... " get ready for ur drama"  something like that.. 
And we were like...  What?! We never said we will present it today *Friday *  hahaha 
So we did without any objection  😅
In that drama I wish one of my part is just a dream. Why?  Because it was too cheesy. 😂 I had to touch Janos's face (janos is my husband in that drama,  and my character  was Janos's wife  named Andrea) *from drama How I Met Myself* that time Andrea dead because of explosion or poisoned?  Something like that.  
And there's another scene that I dislike. I came down to welcome Janos *konon - kononnya mcm dr heaven HAHA * and all my classmates were laughing so hard during that time because it was an embarrassing moment!  Of course! Zarifah was janos and my husband in that drama .  She's a girl. And me as well. Hahahaha can u guys imagine girl and girl.. Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha 
Even though we were not ready.. It was not bad yeah 
OK that is all for today 
Till we meet again 
See ya! 
*I typed this story using my phone..  So there will be a lot of mistakes soooooooo yeah faham faham jelah *