by adamfaiz

Oh! Syirah
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hey heyhey. how are you ? it's been a while . hohohohoh. 

Since first semester of school ( I don't know if school can use semester too. But my teacher has said it before. Please tell me if I'm wrong, OK ? ) has started, i dont have enough time to online and update . I get a lot of homeworks everyday.My friend update her blog using her phone while me...hmm. I always update my blog using laptop. why not handphone ? bcause i dont get the feeling of 'typing'. lol.

I need to use my laptop to do my homework. My homework are presantations and a scrap book ! I cant skip school because this year I will have a big exam and we called it PT3. pray for me. *deep sigh* :(

When will I have a good day without school and homework if weekdays I have to go to school, Monday and Wednesday night, I have tuition and weekends, I need to finish my homeworks ?  

I have took much time to update my blog till forget my presantations' stuff. 

Okay, till we meet again. See ya ! :)