by adamfaiz

Oh! Syirah
Happy New Year + Skin
*credit to the owner*

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS. I know i'm late . hohohoho.. 

finally. I changed my blog skin a.k.a. theme (?) . well. thanks to Adam Faiz for this skin. i love it. very simple. 

I deleted my tutorial 'section'. but dont worry. I didn't delete the entry. hohoho. And I don't have header ! yeah.. So lazy to create a new header and ain't time for that. hehehe. no background. bwahahah. SO WHITE . 

actually, I didn't plan to change my skin. but I'm jealous of my best friend's blog. she has a nice blog with simple skin so i decided to change it today ! 

I thought I'll just take 1 hour to change my blog's skin. but i took 3 hours. mehh

happy holiday. bye

P/s : I forgot everything about grammar because I didn't go to the school for a long time. *school holiday* and usually I don't speak english with my friends. I speak when I want. mehmehmeh. SORRY for bad grammars. 

byebye my blog's old skin. :')