by adamfaiz

Oh! Syirah
MI.O - 미오
*Uri dubu onew. :3*

heyheyhey . hehehehe. here i come. actually, I was doing my homework (looking for idea - research) . Out of the blue, i found that one korean band ( maybe ?) did a cover one of the SHINee's song. It's called Replay a.k.a. Noona neomu yeppeo. hehehehe. ^.^ they also did cover other song such as  Taeyang : Eyes,Nose,Lips, BuskerBusker - Cherry Blossom Ending and more.

Band name : MI.O (어벤져스)
                    (Mask Cover Vocal Team)
Number of members : 3
Fandom name : Sidekick (wowoohooo...)
Facebook : MI.O (미오)  
Youtube : AvengersMIO

Do visit their facebook page and youtube. don't forget to hit the button like.
Subcribe them too !
Hmm.. here you go. hmm. better wear earphone / headphone . it'll sound better. 

ahhh.. so disappointed. why did they cover their face with mask. uwaaa.. T.T .............. hmm maybe they dislike to show off their face. *lol*  or maybe they hate to be well known. hmmm. oh ! oh ! i know ! maybe they  are from different agency and then they secretly made a group and then did cover of a few song.hohohohohho. just kidding. I don't even know why ?! hmmm.. but I wish that they will be top 10 k - idols since they are very talented. 

hahahahahhaahahaha. omg . i need to continue do mah hw. sadd..

that's all for today. well I apologize for bad grammars. well, I'm still learn it.