by adamfaiz

Oh! Syirah
Please vote .. heheh
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ni haa.. smlm facebook GDA ade bgthu blh undi mlalu sms .. -.- lmbt btol lha... tp yg mlalui tenet tu aq x thu tp buat je ;lh eh ? hahah tenet tu free.. x yah byr.. :DD yg ni kne pki sms.. RM1 setiap undian.. hehe kpade k-poppers.. klu sudi buatlh.. tp aq hrp sgd korung buat untuk SHINee jgk.. hehe 

ehh.. tp aq x paksaa.. mne ade aku paksa >:(. klu parents x bg x yah lh.. okelha.. tp fesbuk dorg kte cmni .. 

Starting 12 am tonight (7.1.2013), all Malaysians can play your part as a fan to help your idol win one of the two special awards - The Samsung GALAXY award as well as Malaysia's Most Favourite award.

At only RM1.00 per SMS, all you need to do is type GDA[space]artist_code and send to 33213. You will receive an SMS to confirm your vote went through.

Remember guys, results are based 50% on SMS votes and 50% in-store. (will release this real soon!)

Get sharing with all your friends and remember guys, you can always vote more than once! So let's start voting now! =D
hahah tgk.. nmpk sgd aku copy n paste .. haha.. nme fesbuk dorang un aq copy n paste.. luls
tiada paksaan mne2 pihak .. hrp maklum.. :D

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