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Oh! Syirah
First Post of 2018: Waiting...
Assalamualaikum everyone! Hi! How are you? I wish you to have a very wonderful day! 
Okay. Waahhh,, it has been a very long time since last I updated my blog. I'm not sure who read all my post but I typed whenever I feel like I'm going to do it. yeah. Sokay. I'll read my posts later when I've grown up. ahahaaha. 
So, this year is a year which I have to wait for 3 months until my SPM result is ready to be revealed. I kid you not, but I am so scared. Pray for my SPM result ! I really want to get straight A's so bad. Let's all pray together. and those who are SPM candidates 2017, best of luck! All we can do at this moment are prays and tawakkal. 
 What has happened to my 2017? Was it a good year to me? All I can say, 2017 is a year where I learnt a lots of things. True friends, betrayer, obstacles of being successful (#what) and more. In my opinion, 2017 is a very dramatic year . ahahahahah . WOAH A PLENTY OF DRAMAS HAPPENED IN SCHOOL . Well, last year students' live. ahahahaha
 Okay, Change topic. AHAAHAH ! So, after almost 2 months SAEKKI (my best buddies) didn't hang out together, we finally made it ! We went out together at the IOI City Mall. As usual. There's no other mall. mehmehmeh. Unfortunately, Mar couldn't join us since she lives far away. *Insya-Allah, one day we will meet you* What we did there was ice skating. yeah. IT WAS REALLY FUN. There were fewer people in the ice rink, so we enjoy ourselves in many ways. We played, Musang and anak ayam, Ice water and more! It's like we were having our own P.E lesson there! The more the merrier they said. I missed them so much because usually, during the school days, we used to eat together during our recess time and talked a lot of stuff ! *gossip* HAAAA ! 
okay, gtg. See ya later. ahahahahahaahahahaahahahahaahahahahahaah
when syirah, when ?!
Assalamualaikum . 
Finally, I have time to update my blog after a while since my final exam just ended. 
I have a lot of time before I start my preparation for SPM next year. fuhh. I should appreciate this moment ! 
"syirah, where have you been?"
Hmm, I am not that kind of person who has many things to be told but I prefer to listen to someone's stories. But, i won't say anything much after listen to their stories because I dont know what should I response. It's not like I don't like them or what but I think I am going to ruin that person's stories. Yahh, I know I am a boring person. 
But, I hope my friends will appreciate this "ability" in many ways such as 'place' for them to express their feelings. Maybe. 
I am so grateful because I just finished my exams ! banzaiiiiii !!! 
I can watch any movies, dramas and variety shows without any obstacle ! (ngehh)
I feel bad to myself sometime for not planning my future . I have no any ideas what shoud I be when I grow up. I hope i will find it soon. 

ok bye.
Baking class !
Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone ~~
A couple days ago, I went to a baking class . it was Frozen themed . *let it go let it go* It was held at Warta, Bangi and the organizer was Kip Mall, Bangi.
I joined it bcause I have nothing to do this holiday . ayayaya. 
 I was a bit shy bcause I think I was the only 15 y/o girl yg wujud kat situ. But i don't care. I already for It . It supposed to start around 12 pm but since all the participants were kids and they know nothing about being on time, we started it late. 
Btw this baking class is not like in classroom that you've been watching in Korean variety show . THEY DID THIS CLASS AS SIMPLE AS THEY COULD.
*sorry for caps. Im not mad but lazy to change it after i accidently tap the caps lock button* 

So after all the participants arrived, we start the class with greet the main chef and her daughter.
The chef's daughter has same age as mine. She's pro . I know nothing about baking. Hahahahaha. Then they taught us how to make brownies chocolate cake . (is that how you spell it ?) 
Haa while they taught us, i recorded everything but my hand was shaking and the kid in front of me couldnt stay still so the result of the video is not good . 😭😭
Pic credit to owner. Source from google.

After that, we had to stand around the tables. I admit i don't like kids bcause they will look at me as I've done anything wrong but i survived. I just acted like they were my friends. 😅 and in front of me there was a boy who starred me like wanna kill me. yaa . I'm scared. 
Then, we started making our Olaf. 

This is just model just in case we cant imagine the Olaf's face. 

Olaf in the making
But it  looks like Pengu . 
Or maybe not.

I put the head on the cupcake

Left - mine
Right - my sister's

I would like to name this cupcake : Olaf in danger

 We got 3 cupcakes for each. So the second cupcake i decorated it with sticker. Then i didn't know what should i put. 

This is the last cupcake. I got the snowflake - shaped cookie but i accidently broke it. So i had  to make it stand like that. 

Tadaaa. this is mine

This is my sister's

These cupcakes are for competition. Wow . So pretty . Unfortunately they got the second place. Huhuhu

That is all for today. Sorry for wrong spelling bcause i use my hand phone. Hehe. Bye see you again. Assalamualaikum.
Movie :- Boruto : Naruto The Movie

Hi everyone ! How are you? What's your plan this holiday ? (diwali Holiday)

Today, I went to IOI Mall with my siblings and mom. My mom had meeting with her students at IOI at the same time I wanted to watch a movie since I had nothing to do. She agreed to bring me there. HAHA. *meeting smpi kat IOI. wahwahwah*

I was so excited ! I really really really love to watch Naruto series and movies ! 

credit to owner

I admit that I cried watching this movie ! HAHAHAHAAHAHA. I kid you not. When this movie came to end, there was ending music and the cinema staff opened the exit gate. I thought the movie already end and I had problem ! I had to use the toilet ! URGENT ! I asked my sibling to get out from the cinema but they said the movie was not finish yet. I was like... '' What should I do. Should I stay or go to the rest room?'' 

I didn't want to miss the last part but I couldn't hold it any more so I said to the siblings to meet me at the toilet. 

After 3 minutes like that, I met my siblings and they said I missed the last part! Woii ! I MISSED THE LAST PART ! and they wouldn't give any clues what happened at the last scene !! URGH.. 
I need to google that movie ! TT_TT


That's all ! Hehehehee. What about yours ? 

Because it's the first time

Hi there ! Assalamualaikum. woahh.. I miss my blog T_T

I don't know what should I type but .. I would like to promote Minho's drama.
 Minho's drama ?! Yup ! 

Title : Because it's the first time
Channel : OnStyle
There are five people always gather at Yoon Tae Oh's house (Minho). They have known each other for a long time. maybe since middle school ? i dont know hahahaha
Here the 'five people'

cr: to the owner

1.Minho as Yoon Tae Oh, who is a such great friend ! If his friends in danger, he will come to rescue them no matter what ! He's from rich family and he doesn't have any work. He feel sorry for his friends who busy with work to survive.
 *wish i have a friend like him._.

credi to owner
2. Han Song Yi (Park So Dam) is Tae Oh's first love. But Song Yi has crush on someone... She was a wealthy person till his dad died. In order to survive, she work 4 times a day . (She has 4 part time jobs)
She looks like Dino from Seventeen . 

Credit to owner. Hi DINO

Hah ? Ok bye ! 

3. kim Min Jae as Seo Ji Ahn. His father runs a chicken restaurant but it doesn't generate any profit. He also has a lot of part time jobs. huhuhuhu

4. Lee Yi kyung as Choi Hoon. He has problem with his family. His father works as a professor. His father wants Choi Hoon to follow in his brothers' footsteps but He has dream to be a musical actor (?)so  His father expel him from the house.

5. Cho Hye Jung as Oh Ga In . She owns a hair saloon. The villager calls her crazy because she can't accept her father's death. she knows that and her friends always support her ! even tho, her father is not in the world, she still acts like his father is there. Her friends also acts like her father is around when they are with her.

OKAY ! Go watch this drama now !
Why you should watch this drama ?

¬ You will love it
¬ Heart warming
¬ Minho is so funny in this drama
¬It only has 8 episodes ( not sure )
¬ 45 minutes only !

heheheeh !!

Pictures credit to the owner!
Mission success!
Hello everyone
Yeah   last Friday.  ( yesterday  -  19th June 2015)
My teammates and I did a drama presentation 
Actually we didn't plan to present it on that day.. We asked our teacher one day before Friday (wowow it's on Thursday haha!) if anyone can do their presentation on Friday she said yes. 
Then on Friday during English class.... She said to us... " get ready for ur drama"  something like that.. 
And we were like...  What?! We never said we will present it today *Friday *  hahaha 
So we did without any objection  😅
In that drama I wish one of my part is just a dream. Why?  Because it was too cheesy. 😂 I had to touch Janos's face (janos is my husband in that drama,  and my character  was Janos's wife  named Andrea) *from drama How I Met Myself* that time Andrea dead because of explosion or poisoned?  Something like that.  
And there's another scene that I dislike. I came down to welcome Janos *konon - kononnya mcm dr heaven HAHA * and all my classmates were laughing so hard during that time because it was an embarrassing moment!  Of course! Zarifah was janos and my husband in that drama .  She's a girl. And me as well. Hahahaha can u guys imagine girl and girl.. Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha 
Even though we were not ready.. It was not bad yeah 
OK that is all for today 
Till we meet again 
See ya! 
*I typed this story using my phone..  So there will be a lot of mistakes soooooooo yeah faham faham jelah * 
just like me mehmehmeh. cr: owner

hey heyhey. how are you ? it's been a while . hohohohoh. 

Since first semester of school ( I don't know if school can use semester too. But my teacher has said it before. Please tell me if I'm wrong, OK ? ) has started, i dont have enough time to online and update . I get a lot of homeworks everyday.My friend update her blog using her phone while me...hmm. I always update my blog using laptop. why not handphone ? bcause i dont get the feeling of 'typing'. lol.

I need to use my laptop to do my homework. My homework are presantations and a scrap book ! I cant skip school because this year I will have a big exam and we called it PT3. pray for me. *deep sigh* :(

When will I have a good day without school and homework if weekdays I have to go to school, Monday and Wednesday night, I have tuition and weekends, I need to finish my homeworks ?  

I have took much time to update my blog till forget my presantations' stuff. 

Okay, till we meet again. See ya ! :)